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Field of Orcus

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On that vernal night I sowed the long-cold earth, oblivious,
I sowed foolishness, carelessly cast, draped in coal-bright lanterns,
Backlit by the waxy, gibbous moon, on the hilltop, above the restless sea,
And all about, black eyes, twice cloaked in black and black surveyed,
Marked my careless, guardless, retreating ways,
And waiting, hunched and gnarled, like dead arrayed,
They scuttled out and sowed from charnel pots,
The hope of loss.

And we made there, like a wretched dream,
Unmapped, unmarked, a withered field,
And all that long winter, we starved for want of love,
In the wasteland they had made.


Written by Jem Neal

January 28, 2011 at 1:02 pm

Posted in Nativity, Transits

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